Sunday, July 26, 2009

Making an Entrance

If we had to do our wedding all over again I would hope we would have the guts to do something this cool. Maybe we should renew our vows.


John Hendrix said...

This actually made me a bit teary.
Isn't this what a wedding should be like?

I'm convinced The New Earth will be FULL of this stuff.

cagedwisdom said...

It was just a celebration. Maybe we are too concerned with formality to celebrate like this at a wedding.

Everybody DANCE!!

Trevor Harden said...

This was too awesome. What a celebration, yo!


I loved this clip..I too wish our wedding celebrations had more dancing and not just at the reception.

Not to get all Eeyore on you guys but I thought this was actually rather formal. It seemed to me a formal, choreographed expression of a generation raised on Grease, Dirty Dancing, and High School Musical. Why settle for such choreography and timing? I want something a little more Ghana spontaneous, then we can call it true celebration! :):)


Oh, this is nathan c. btw.