Thursday, August 20, 2009

Castration is almost never funny

Here is the one exception. This is a Dutch show I believe on medical procedures that went really wrong. You can see the women in the wheel chair and what has happen to her. The man next to her has the host a little thrown.

Enjoy. I think I might write a review of the Time Travelers Wife because it was such a fun and odd experience. Hopefully that will be next.

Collecting Disinformation? Yea, there is an app. for that.

Clever little parody for those who have an Iphone and want to engage in political discourse in America. Iphone, what can't you do?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

First Lady of Clogging

Don't let anyone tell you that clogging can't take you places. My brother sent me this link to a local country station and their morning show. He teaches this women how to clog. I didn't realize that this is the governors wife. She loved it so much that she is clogging with Eric's group at the State Fair next week. So along with her many duties that week at the State Fair one of them will be clogging with the Hoedown Express. Clogging can indeed take you places.