Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I remember seeing this almost ten years ago in college. Somehow people found ways of putting video on the Internet without the help of youtube. This is a fine and historic trend setting spoof of Star Wars. I'm also so tired I can't think of anything good to post and not that I don't love making you laugh but one key to a good Blog is not getting to lazy and posting youtube links all the time so you have to be careful how often you play the youtube link card. I respect you guys to much. (buy you guys I mean all the married women that read this blog for enjoyment, I have a niche at least and will be announcing a new sponsor ship with Baby Bjorn on Monday) But coming down the pipe is voice mail etiquette, idiot savant gifts and Blog friends that aren't really friends. This is what we call a teaser to the fall line up. Enjoy "TROOPS"

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday, its business time!

For all you married lovers out there and in honor of our fantastic series on sex at church enjoy the Flight of the Conchords

Monday, September 17, 2007

Peeping Bunny

This Saturday I was minding my business just working along on school work all day and dining from the table of college football. I was getting ready to go out for the night and went to take a shower at 5 ish.

I had made my full "preparations" for the shower and was about to jump in when I heard some yelling in the back yard. I also heard this odd whooshing sound that I could not explain. I turned to look out the large window of the bathroom and I was eyeball to eyeball with this monster.
The energizer bunny was eye balling me outside of my window. The worlds largest hot-air balloon (taller than the statue of liberty) was checking me out no more than 100 feet away. This is the conversation we had:

EB-yea man, nice day huh?
K-Could have told me you were coming by.
EB-I go where I blow baby. But your right, should have at least called and said I'm in the neighborhood but I can't get a blue tooth for these pink fuzzy monsters on my head. Whoa, got a permit for those guns big sexy? Still talking about your calves all the dam time?
K-True Dat.
EB-Is Gordon around?
K-No, out of the country... wait.. I'm having a conversation with a giant inflated bunny out loud. If my neighbors hear this they'll think I'm crazy.
EB- You're not crazy but I can clearly see your nuts.

The peeping bunny got the best of me on this round but if he comes back.

(This almost happened exactly as I explained with the exception of the part about the blue tooth. EB doesn't have a cell, doesn't like to be tied down)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sure, I'm a massage therapist

Mmmm, yea that does feel good.

I never thought that this could be the greatest job ever but recent events have made me reconsider my career path and possible professional choices. I'm now working on an Intra-Associates in Massage Therapy from:

www. Hazeemsmagicschooloffingers.com school of Massage Therapy and Camel grooming.

The reason I am doing this is because of a party I recently attended where a massage therapist was in full effect for this fantastic birthday event. When word got around of what this guy could do there was a physical and mental line forming as he began doing some impromptu massaging on a ottoman. Married women and single women let this guy "rub on them" for exstended periods of time for the sake of relaxation and no one, but me, thought this an odd warm up before the game of "scene it" was to commence. Who in the world can get away with this except for this guy? That's why Hazeem has magic in his title because this guy must be a magician.

So, the next time that someones asks you what you do for a living, with out hesitation, you say your a Massage therapist who happens to be a Camel groomer.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Now that's a Party

How do you know that you have executed a successful Labor day party? Well at the 1st Annual "Meat on Fire"' cookout and washers tournament I set the benchmark as, when you have barbecue sauce on the bill of your Fiddler's Jamboree trucker hat( and yes I did lick it off mother).

I got that covered so congrats to the Hendrix's for having one kick-ass Labor Day blow out.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

40/40 Benchmarks

Since the first week of February I have had the initial goal of loosing 30 lbs by 30. It's been fun working out and seeing progress and after my weigh in this morning ,7 months to the day I started, I broke the 40 lb mark and past to 42. It's been a ton of fun

The second 40 mark happened in New York City. In July I went to see my friends the Crosby's and teach VBS and had a blast. My friend Scott let me borrow his bike and ride in Central Park. His bike, unlike my mountain bike, is made for speed and some one in a Spandex Uni-tard. I didn't have the spandex which was fortunate for all trying to enjoy the scenery in Central Park but I did get to ride. This bike is fast and on the North Side of the park the road goes down some winding hills and I thought "Hey let's see how fast we can go" I hit 40 on the speedometer and was scared the whole time. I had to stop going down a turn because I could see my self sliding across the asphalt. The hard part about that was that when you go down hill there is another hill going the other direction on the other side. I was riding and turned the corner and looked up and said out loud "Oh Lord." 2 attempts with a 5 minute break in between and I made it up the hill and was passed by the Spandex Uni-tard guys the whole time.

So the moral of the story is set some goals for yourself and begin the journey. The advice I got was to make them realistic, time specific and measurable. It's been very helpful advice so swing for the fences.